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Sargazo en Playas Mexicanas y la solución al Problema

Una introducción al Sargazo.  Como lo explica el secretario de Medio Ambiente, Rafael Muñoz Berzunza.

Que es el Sargazo?

Aquí presentamos la

Supervisor de Obra y Calidad de Servicios

  Trabajos supervisados.     Algunas imágenes de la contención de crudo.    

Bird Paradise

A very nice video of Birds.    

Ramon Tree (Brosimum alicastrum)

Ramon Tree (Brosimum alicastrum)

Basic Basket Deliver

An event took place at La Montaña in which we delivered basic baskets for the staff and people from the

Walkthrough La Montaña

This is a Rookie Video made in one week. A simple walkthrough la Montaña Ranch.
The main goal of this video

Interview with PhD. Jon McRoberts

Here an interview where Jon McRoberts explains a bit of his research at La Montaña Ranch.

Tapir Preservation

The main goal of this project was to provide the tapir with an area to live and reproduce without the

Ocellated Turkey Ecology & Conservation

Beginning in November 2009, COFARNAT has assisted Jon McRoberts, a PhD student from Texas Tech University in his groundbreaking research

Surveliance & Protection

 This project is extremely important: caring for wildlife, preventing poachers and other threats to local wildlife species, and establishing strategic

Fire Prevention

At La Montaña we cleared gaps throughout the ranch in order to prevent the spread of wild fires; each year


This project aimed to reforest areas affected by fire or natural disaster for the benefit of local flora and fauna.